Looking for a great place to host your next party, well look no further. We require only a minimum of 8 to have a private event, with a $100 deposit to hold your date and time. Come in and select a painting from our gallery or give us your idea and we will create a custom piece at no charge. Birthdays, Bachelorette, Teens, Red Hat, Bunko and more.


We are pleased to announce the addition of watercolor and specialty ‘technique’ classes to our regular calendar. Come try ‘pouring’ a little watercolor and see what an outstanding painting you will take home. Due to the smaller nature of this class, most of our watercolors are paired so that you can create a lovely grouping for that special wall…or as a gift. Only one painting is done in each class.  Not all classes are available at all locations.


Arrive up to 30 minutes early to check-in and settle in before your painting class begins.  You’ll find ice ready for chilling your beverages of choice and plates and silverware for your snacks, and we also offer complimentary wine tasting, sodas, water and a coffee/tea bar for your convenience, too.  While we all love our standard 16” x 20” canvases, we offer 12x12 and 8x10 as well.  We even offer painting classes that the featured art is created on 2’x3’ canvas so your completed masterpiece is ‘larger than life’.  Be on the lookout for wacky theme classes with great giveaways to keep things upbeat…Bring a Recipe, 50′s night, Wine Traders, and much more. 

Expect your class to be relaxed, led by a talented, funny but patient artist who can offer assistance should you feel the need.  And we love to give away FREE stuff!   Funny and sometimes candid, our class photos will be enjoyed for years to come, especially the class photo at the end of the event.  Want a photo of your special group and on your phone?  No problem, we love to help create memories.


Variety is the spice of life, so with that in mind we are teaming up with local artisans to offer Crazy Classes. Every month we will toss in some fun exciting adventures to keep you fresh and break up the boredom. Paint Wine glasses or wine bottles, work with Stained Glass, Fuzed Glass, Mosaics, Scrapbooking, Watercolors, Photography, and much, much more. Something new and different every month with more exciting things coming daily. Keep your eye on us for our list of events.  Not all classes are offered at all locations.


Who doesn’t love getting their fingers into some clay and working it into a super looking vase or bowl? Well, some of us do, and for those crazies we create some fantastic pieces that are kiln fired on-site. Learn to throw on the wheel or use hand-building techniques instead.  For those who don’t we also offer simpler ceramics, where we can customize a pre-made piece and fire it to become your own special masterpiece. Fun for all ages and levels. 

Please be aware that when working in wet clay, you will return to the studio at a later time as a part of the creative process (no additional charge).
Arrive up to 30 minutes early to check-in and settle in before your painting class begins.  You’ll find ice ready for chilling your beverages of choice and plates and silverware for your snacks, and we also offer complimentary wine tasting, sodas, water and a coffee/tea bar for your convenience, too.  Not all classes are available at all locations.


We all need a break sometimes to just wind down or get away from the stress of everyday life. Here at The Crazy Canvas we have our own version of wind down known as “Time for Me” that is open studio time where for $15 you will be supplied with a canvas, the paint and some great atmosphere to just come in and relax to do your own thing. No formal instruction is offered but one of our talented team is always available to offer advice and tips if you get painters block. Paint from our gallery, a photo you love…just let us know and we will sketch it on canvas (as class schedule allows). We are the first to offer this special time just to wind down and do your own thing.  Stay a few minutes or a few hours and remember…this is BYOB time, too!  Not all classes available at all locations.


Who doesn’t enjoy a little one on one time with their special little helper? We have special classes designed for a parent and child to spend some quality fun time where mom or dad can join in and paint along side their child and create a masterpiece together.  Not all classes available at all locations.


The Crazy Canvas is very much involved in giving back to the community and supporting the great people who support us. We have created Canvas for a Cause, where we partner with qualifying groups to help them with their cause. We will help you promote the cause and donate 75% of the profits to the charity. Your non-profit need a place to host an event?  We offer open studio time to them at no charge, call for more information at 214-724-9851.   Not all classes available at all locations.


These are fun adventures offered to kids from 6-12 during school breaks and on weekends to let them explore art and crafts in a fun and educational way. Camps can be 1/2 day or full day events or even special weekly rates with painting and crafts combined into a fun adventure. So get your little Van Gogh or Picasso out of the house and into our fun play place for an adventure they are sure to love. At the end of it, we will even give them a pen to write on our walls (sign our infamous Graffiti Wall).   Not all classes available at all locations.


Serious about ART for you or your children?  We have certified Texas art teachers and professional artists on staff holding formal art instruction classes for those who truly wish to explore their inner artist.  Adults are encouraged to try Monday night Art Techniques Workshop, a cozy setting with fellow art enthusiasts who encourage each other to paint or draw more advanced art pieces and try new techniques, because the usual 3 hour time window does not apply. Acrylic, watercolor, oil or drawing, it’s all fine…and you can work on the same project for multiple sessions as needed.  All painting skills welcome, from beginner to advance.  You’ll get guidance that is appropriate, with composition and technique tips, too.  What can you bring?  Your own canvas (any size is fine), your own painting materials if you prefer, and a picture of what you would like to paint.  If you are using oil paints, please bring your own brushes and containers as oil and water-based paints don’t play nice together!  And don’t forget your favorite beverage!
For the kids under 12, we offer our Great Artists In Training for the young Michelangelo's, with 4-week sessions that allow for further development then a normal Crazy Kids or Art After School classes allow.  Snacks and water provided as well.
Private lessons are available as well for any age.  Please contact us for more information at 214-724-9851.   Not all classes available at all locations.


Twisted in a good way that is as we have developed a series of classes just for that ‘forgotten’ age group who are too old for kid’s stuff and not quite ready (in parent’s mind at least) to experience the ambiance of the adult sip and paint atmosphere. Developed by teens for teens, we have painting (including black light painting), ceramics, and other fun classes offered just for them in an environment that safely encourages self-identity and the importance of being an individual.  Crazy clothes, music and attitudes welcome for a soda sip and paint class.  Look for our fun Twisted Teens Icon that indicates a class is only for this fantastic age group.   Not all classes available at all locations.


We specialize in customizing great team building events for businesses and corporations. Create a collective logo montage, wall mural, or individual masterpiece.  We can bring the creative pARTy experience to you or host your gathering at our Fort Worth studio, conveniently located in the lovely Benbrook/Hulen area.  Give us a call at 214-724-9851 and let’s see what we can help your company create.


Our Fort Worth studio may not be convenient for you, your organization or workplace, but our roadshow will bring the excitement of the sip and paint pARTy environment to you at home or at work.  All the supplies, creative vibe and energy PLUS we clean up afterward so all you have to do is enjoy the event and marvel at your finished artwork.  We will travel up to 50 miles with no up charge.  Give us a call at 214-724-9851 and let us share our Crazy Art adventures with you soon.